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Welcome to wFCM
wFCM is a freely accessible web based software package for clustering low- and high- dimensional datasets. wFCM is based on Fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm. Fuzzy c-means is the most well-known fuzzy clustering algorithm, which is modified by Professor Bezdek on original crisp clustering methodology. This software will be helpful for researchers, students and teachers to be used for cluster datasets arising problems in agricultural research and many diverse areas of other sciences.

The features and functionality of wFCM are:
  • Allows user to register.
  • Allows the user to upload multi-dimension data in Excel, CSV and Image format.
  • Allows to user to select the attribute for clustering.
  • Allows to user to download the solutions in pdf format.
  • Provide a dynamic Visualization of data.
  • Provide help on using wFCM.
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